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Wheel Lock |Key  13/16" & 3/4" [Bulk] |  [Zinc]

Part # K52

Wheel Lock |Bulge Acorn   [Bagged] | 1/2 In. [Black]

Part # 741142BLK-BAG

Lug Nut | Bulge Acorn 19mm (3/4") Hex [1.90"] |1/2 in. [Black]

Part # 741142LBLK

Wheel Lock |Bulge Acorn  [Bagged] | 14mm 1.50 [Black]

Part # 741148BLK-BAG

Lug Nut | Bulge Acorn 19mm (3/4") Hex [1.90"] |12mm 1.75 [Chrome]

Part # 741150L

Wheel Lock |Key  13/16" & 3/4" [Bulk] |  [Zinc]

Part # K506

Wheel Lock |Key  13/16" & 3/4" [Bulk] |  [Zinc]

Part # K507

Wheel Lock | OE Bulge Acorn [Bagged]  | 12mm 1.25 [Chrome]

Part # 002702-BAG

Wheel Lock | OE Bulge Acorn [Bagged]  | 14mm 1.50 [Chrome]

Part # 002705L-BAG

Wheel Lock | OE Bulge Acorn [Bagged]  | 9/16 in. [Chrome]

Part # 002714-BAG

Wheel Lock | Bulge Acorn [Bagged]  | 1/2 in. [Chrome]

Part # 741142L-BAG

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Wheel Locks | Coyote Accessories

Coyote-Accessories-Wheel-Lock-PackageCoyote Accessories Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are designed to prevent theft of wheels and spare tires.  Wheel locks are extremely popular with automobile enthusiasts who install customized wheels and tires on their vehicles.  Wheel Locks are installed on one lug per wheel and they have a unique key which the end user stores in the vehicle.   The unique key allows only the owner to remove or install the wheels.



Keys provided with Coyote Wheel Locks have a unique external pattern that allows for many key lock combinations. Keys are configured with 3/4" and 13/16" Hex Drive to allow the use of standard tools for installation and removal. 

Each key number is identified with the number stamped on the top of the key.  Replacement keys available from the manufacturers.

Wheel Locks come pre-packaged with: 4 Lug Nuts/Bolts, 1 Unique Key, and Key Registration Card in a durable attractive package.

Wheel Locks

Minimal Price: $0.48