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Valve Stem - Rubber (0.453 Rim Hole) - TR423

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Snap-In Valve Stems | Coyote Accessories

Coyote Valve StemsCoyote offers 2 basic types of Snap-In valve stems used in tubeless tire applications

    • Snap-In
      • Snap-in valves allow a maximum cold tire inflation pressure of 65 psi and are designed for passenger car, light-duty trailer and light trucks. Valve snaps into a small diameter hole in the wheel.
    • High-Pressure Snap-In
      • High-pressure snap-in valves are designed for medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers and must be used when recommended cold tire inflation pressures exceed 65 psi. Valve snaps into a small diameter hole in the wheel.


Valve Cores

Brass and Nicle Valve CoresBoth nickel-plated and brass valve cores are available.

Coyote Quality

Coyote valve stems are constructed of a threaded hollow cylindrical brass tube and covered with 30% EPDM rubber molding. EPDM, (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a type of synthetic rubber that exhibits resistance to hydraulic fluids, similar to the characteristics of brake fluid, and outstanding resistance to heat, ozone, and weather. Our competitors often use a threaded hollow cylindrical aluminum tube and covered a lower grade of EPDM rubber. All our valve stem assemblies offered are manufactured to SAE requirements.


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