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Lug Nut - Spike Adapter - 6 Spline

Part # 11499

Lug Nut - Spike Spline - Adapter

Part # 11498

Spline Lug Nut - Adapter - Car (3/4 & 13/16 Drives)(6 Spline)(Blk)

Part # 11496-16BLK

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Tuner and Spline Lug Adapters | Coyote Accessories

Coyote Accessories Lug Adaptor Socket Coyote-Accessories-socket-male-torx-tool-adapterCoyote Accessories spline and tuner lug adapters are designed to fit into small diameter of recesses of newer style wheels. Installation and removal of spline and tuner style lug nuts and bolts require an adapter. Coyote Accessories spline and tuner adapters are available in standard Hex drives for use with the wheel tools supplied by the OEM found in the vehicle.

Spline & Tuner Adapters

Minimal Price: $2.07