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Coyote Wheel Adapters

Coyote Wheel Adapter


Coyote Wheel Adapters serve four primary functions:

1) Installing wheels with bolt patterns different from the vehicle hub

Adapter In-Use

2) Increasing the wheel offset with additional spacing between the hub assembly and wheel



3) Create clearance for Dually and lifted truck applications


4) Reducing inventory. Adapters allow shops to meet customer demand while stocking fewer wheels. 




Single and Dual-Drill Adapters

Coyote carries both single and dual-drilled adapters.  


Single Drill adapters, primarily used to adjust wheel offset, have 1 set of lug holes for mounting the adapter to the vehicle and 1 set of studs with lugs for mounting the wheel to the adapter. 


 Single Drill Pattern



Coyote's Dual-Drill adapters reduce inventory by covering multiple fitment applications per SKU. Each adapter can reduce inventory by nearly half while still having all the necessary sizes on hand. 


Dual Drilled Wheel Adapter


Bolt Pattern Basics

Bolt Pattern refers to the number of Lug Mounts and the diameter of the imaginary ring created by the mounts and holes. Use the guide below for properly measuring the diameter of the bolt circle.

For example: A bolt pattern of 6 on 5.50" indicates that there are 6 studs/holes placed evenly around a ring 5.50 inches in diameter. 


Bolt Patterns


Adapter Part# Identification


Adapter Diagram

Adapter Measurements

Inside Diameter (ID) - A measurement of the inner diameter

Outside Diameter (OD) - A measurement of the adapter's outer diameter

ID/OD Diagram

Hub Centric - A wheel or adapter is deemed Hub Centric when the inside diameter exactly matches to the hub, reducing vibration and stress on the lug nuts. 

 High Quality Construction wheel adapter

High Quality Construction

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Adapters are made of Air Craft Quality 6061-T6 Aluminum. 6061 aluminum is an alloy that contains magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. T6 refers to the heat treatment process that involves various solutions and artificial aging that increases the overall strength of the material. 



Wheel studs are constructed from 1045 carbon steel and heat treated to ISO 898-1 class 10.9. Class 10.9 is selected for its high tensile strength and excellent mechanical properties making it more durable to the application and to resist the extreme forces being applied. Class 10.9 has a tensile strength of 1040 MPa (150,800 psi) and is comparable to SAE grade 8


All adapters are anodized for appearance and to resist corrosion. 




Attractive Packaging

Coyote wheel adapters come packaged in a colorful box with installation instructions included. Coyote is committed to providing the best overall user experience and maintain the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry. Leverage this commitment by passing along more value and consistency to your customers.

      Open BoxClosed Box



Common Applications:

4 Lug on 100mm Bolt Circle - 1980-1990 Nissan / Toyota

5 Lug on 4.50" Bolt Circle - Ford Mustang 

5 Lug on 4.50"/4.75" Bolt Circle - GM/Chrysler/Jeep

5 Lug on 5.00"/5.50" Bolt Circle - 1998-2015 Dodge/RAM, 2000-2015 Jeep

6 Lug 5.50"/135mm Bolt Circle - 2000-2015 GM/Ford Truck, 2000-2015 Nissan and Toyota

8 Lug on 170mm Bolt Circle - 2005-2015 Ford F-250/350, 1994-2004 Dually

8 Lug on 200mm Bolt Circle - 2005-2015 Ford Dually

8 Lug on 6.50" Bolt Circle - 2000-2010 GM and Ford Trucks, 2000-2015 RAM Trucks

Unit Conversion:

4.25" = 107.95mm

4.50" = 114.3mm

4.75" = 120.65mm

5.00" = 127mm

5.50" = 139.7mm

6.00" = 152.4mm

6.50" = 165.1mm