Lug / Lock Manufacturing 

Coyote Accessories nut former machineMost Coyote Accessories lugs are forged, not cut from bar stock. Forging allows for better mechanical properties and consistent quality.


2 Piece Design Lug Nuts

Coyote Accessories Two Piece Lug Nut DesignWheel-Lug-Nut-bottom-out-diagramMost Coyote Accessories lug nuts, including spline, are a two piece design. The 2-piece design refers to a thin metal cap on the Lug Nut for added safety. Two piece protects against false torque readings. False torque reading is the result of the wheel stud contacting the inside of lug nut prior to seating with wheel.


Material and Heat Treatment

Most Coyote Accessories lug nuts are made from 1008 carbon steel and heat treated to ISO 898-1 class 12.9. 

Coyote Accessories Spline Lug Nuts, Tuner (SocketLug) Nuts, Wheel Locks and Lug Bolts are constructed from 1045 carbon steel and heat treated to ISO 898 -1 class 12.9. 

Carbon Steel is an alloy known for its very good formability, comparatively high strength, and a very good surface finish. Class 12.9 Heat Treatment provides high Tensile Strength and excellent mechanical properties to resist the extreme forces being applied during installation and removal.

Coyote Aluminum Lug Nuts are made of 7071 Aluminum and anodized to resist against corrosion and surface abrasion.


Chrome Finish

Coyote Accessories Lug Nut Chrome
Actual picture, no alterations.

All Coyote Accessories chrome plated lug nuts have long lasting high luster finish.

Every Coyote lug nut is double nickel plated to surpass 48 hour salt spray test.



Black Finish

Coyote Accessories black finish lug nutsCoyote Accessories black lug nuts and bolts are coated with black zinc and then with a black paint coating using an electro-deposition process. This process results in long lasting beauty for our black fasteners. Even if the paint chips off during installation, the black zinc remains to insure corrosion resistance and a long lasting black luster.


Select styles also available in Red and Blue!


Coyote Accessories Lug Nut PackagingCoyote Accessories attention to detail does not stop with our product. All lugs, locks and bolts come packaged in a high strength durable outer and inner packaging.

Every carton label includes:

Coyote Accessories Lug Bolt packaging label