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Wheel Spacer - Die Cast Aluminum - 4/5 Lug (100mm/4.25-120mm/4.75 )(5mm or 13/16)

Part # 911124.4

Wheel Spacer | Die Cast Aluminum | 8 Lug  [180mm/170mm / 6.50  BC] - 6mm / 1/4  Thick

Part # 911136.2

Wheel Spacer | Die Cast Aluminum | 4 Lug  [100mm/4.25  to 120mm/4.75  BC] and 5 on 4.50  - 8mm or 5/16  Thick

Part # 911120.2

Wheel Spacer | Die Cast Aluminum | 5/6 Lug  [135mm/5.50  BC] - 12mm / 1/2"  Thick [2 Pack]

Part # 911130T.2

Wheel Spacer | Die Cast Aluminum | 4/5 Lug  [100mm/4.25  to 120mm/4.75  BC]  - 5mm or 3/16  Thick [2 Pack]

Part # 911129.2

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Wheel Spacers | Coyote Accessories

Coyote Accessories Die Cast Wheel Spacers

Coyote Accessories offers an array of wheel spacers for autos, trucks and SUV's. Made of high-strength die cast aluminum and shot peened for additional resistance to cracking, Coyote's wheel spacers are the perfect fix for minor clearence issues. 



Thicknesses availalbe: 

- 3mm | 1/8"

- 5mm | 3/16"

- 6mm | 1/4"

- 8mm | 5/16"

- 12mm | 1/2"



Additional spacing option are available (click here to visit our full selection of high quality WHEEL ADAPTERS).

Die Cast

Coyote Accessories Die Casting

Coyote Accessories wheel spacers are die cast. Die casting is the metallurgical process of pouring molten metal into a mold cavity that has been created to replicate the desired part. After the molten aluminum solidifies, the part is removed for additional processes to prepare the part for use in its intended application.


Coyote Accessories shot peened surfaceCoyote Accessories stretched surface peenCoyote Accessories wheel spacers have a shot peened finish. Shot Peening is a cold working in which small spheical media called shot bombard the surface of the part. During the shot peening process each piece of the shot that strikes the spacer acts as a tiny peening hammer, imparting to the surface a small indentation or dimple. The creation of this dimple creates a hemisphere of cold-worked material highly stressed in compression beneath the surface, signifncatly increasing the strength of the part. 

Wheel Spacers (Die Cast)

Minimal Price: $2.72