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Hub Ring | 60mm OD [4 Pack] 56.10mm ID

Part # 60-5610

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 66.40mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6610M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 65.96mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6596M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 65.10mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6510M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 64.10mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6410M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 63.90mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6390M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 63.40mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6340M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 60.40mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6010M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 58.50mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-5850M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 66.56mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6656M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 66.90mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6690M

Hub Ring | 72.6mm OD [4 Pack] 67.10mm ID [Metal]

Part # 72-6710M

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Hub Centric Rings | Coyote Accessories


Hub Centric Rings create an exact fit between the center bore of a wheel and the hub of the vehicle. Wheels that are not hub centric can result in movement between wheel and hub during cornering and acceleration, which can cause vibration, excessive wheel bearing wear, and possible structural failure of the lugs. Hub Rings are designed to fit into center bore the wheel reducing it to fit snuggly on the hub.


 Hub Ring Part Identification

Color Coding

All Coyote hub rings are color coded. Each OD has a distinct color to avoid putting the wrong size ring in your customers wheels. 

Hub Ring ID/OD are also printed on the inner lip of the ring: 


Coyote offers hub centric rings in both nylon and aluminum to suit your customer's preference.

Nylon is a very durable material known for its high heat resistant qualities. 

Choose aluminum rings for a polished look! 


Each package of Coyote Hub Rings contains 4 pieces, has a large product identification label, and is sealed with an attractive, hanging header card. 


Application Information <--- Click here for common Hub Ring applications

Hub Rings

Minimal Price: $3.02