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TPMS Basics

The TREAD Act mandated the use of a suitable TPMS technology in all light motor vehicles (under 10,000 pounds), to help alert drivers of severe under-inflation events. This act affects all light motor vehicles sold after September 1, 2007.  Depending on the manufacturer, TPMS is either direct TPMS or indirect TPMS.  The difference is how data is collected and transmitted to vehicle’s ECU, electronic control Unit(computer).


Indirect TPMS Systems measures air pressures by monitoring individual wheel rotational speeds and other signals available outside of the tire itself. Found on many older pre-2007 European vehicles, newer Audi, VW, Mazda, and limited Honda applications.

Direct TPMS Systems use physical pressure sensors that transmits a signal to the on-board ECU, electronic control unit, to inform vehicle operator of low-pressure reading or system malfunction.

After installation of a TPMS Sensor(s) a Relearn Procedure must be performed for the sensor to communicate with the vehicle. ORO-TEK sensors are configured to use the same Relearn or Reset procedure described in the vehicle manual. 

Fewer than 40% of vehicles can reset the TPMS light without special tools. 60% of vehicles require an activation or com­bination activatio­­n/scan tool in order to complete the reset. ORO-TEK recommends tools from the manufacturers BARTEC and ATEQ.


ORO-TEK TPMS Service Kits

ORO-TEK sensor's 2-piece design allows for damaged or corroded stems to be replaced with ORO-TEK’s TPMS Service Kits. We also offer a full line of OE replacement kits to service almost any valve on the road!

Servicing TPMS Sensors is required each time a tire is dismounted. TPMS sensors should be serviced with a new:

    • Cap
    • Valve core 
    • Grommet 
    • Stem nut

Regular TPMS valve servicing reduces the galvanic corrosion that can cause sensors to leak and shorten their lifespan.

ORO-TEK service kits include everything you need to properly service TPMS equipped valve stems. Service kits are tailored to specific vehicle makes, models and years, and include sealing components such as caps, cores, grommets and nuts. OEM specifications require these components to be replaced every time tires and rims on TPMS equipped vehicles are serviced.

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