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Wheel Adapters

Dual Drilled Wheel Adapter

Coyote Accessories multi-drill adapters reduce inventory by covering multiple fitment applications per SKU. Shops can reduce inventory by nearly half while still having Aircraft Grade Aluminumall the necessary sizes on hand. CoyoteAdapters are made of Air Craft Quality 6061-T6 Aluminum. 6061 aluminum is an alloy that contains magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. All Adapters are anodized for appearance and to resist corrosion.

Truck Wheel Caps

Coyote Accessories truck wheel capsNo truck wheel package is complete without a set of matching center caps. Coyote Accessories carries wheel center caps for many leading truck wheel manufacturers. Center caps come in billet aluminum, chrome and as replacements for OEM styled center caps.


Die Cast

Coyote Accessories Die Cast Wheel SpacersCoyote Accessories Die Casting

Coyote Accessories wheel spacers are die casted. Die casting is a metal casting process of pouring molten metal into a mold cavity that has been created to replicate the desired spacer size. After the molten metal solidifies, the Coyote Accessories wheel spacer is peened.

Hub Centric Billet Spacer

Coyote Accessories Hub Centric SpacersCoyote Accessories billet spacers have a corrosion resistant annodized finish and pry groove provides for easy removal from hub. Hub centric wheel spacers are machined from a piece of 6061 billet aluminum. 6061 billet aluminum is casted into a bar or block then the hub centric spacer is created entirely through the process of machining.

Three Piece Modular Wheel | Bolts and Nuts

Coyote Accessories three piece modular wheelThree piece modular wheels require periodic maintenance. Coyote Accessories distributes the highest quality replacement bolts Coyote Accessories three piece modular wheel boltsand nuts for three piece wheels. Additionally, since racing involves frequent tire mounting and dismounting, it is also advisable to disassemble, thoroughly inspect, clean, replace broken bolts, re-seal, and re-torque each wheel. Coyote Accessories 3 piece wheel nuts and bolts are made from the highest quality Carbon Steel and Heat Treated to 10.9 grade.