Key Registration

Did you lose your wheel lock key and are in need of a replacement? We’ve made the process easier for you! Here at Coyote Accessories, we can help you get a replacement key in no time and hassle-free. Please complete the fields below to register your key number for future replacements.


Please complete the fields below to register your key number for future replacements.

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Wheel lock key registration helps identify the unique key for all Coyote Accessories Wheel Locks. This helps our team figure out the type of locks used in your vehicle and takes away all the guesswork in finding a replacement. 

You can also order other accessories using your key registration number and feel confident in your purchase.  


What happens if you lose your wheel key lock?

Wheel locks are designed to prevent thieves from stealing your wheel rims. It makes sure that your car's lug nuts are installed in place and can only be removed with the specific key that comes with the wheel lock set making it more challenging for the bad guys to get away with your rims.

Missing or stripped wheel lock keys is a common issue among car owners. Repeated use that causes wear and tears on a wheel lock key can also be a culprit. When this happens, and you cannot remove the wheel locks with the tools you have. By registering your key with us, we can easily help you find a replacement key.


Can wheel locks be removed without the key?

Yes, you still can - but it won’t be easy! You may use a hammer on a standard socket that just fits over the lock bolt and use a lug wrench to slowly twist it off. This method can also cause damage to your precious rims if done incorrectly.

This is purely for those emergency situations. This method is highly discouraged by professionals. Best to take preventive measures instead and register your key today!