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Zinc (Lead Free)

As environmental concerns of the use of led are on the rise many states have mandated wheel weights must be free of lead. Coyote clip-on wheel weights are made from zinc and are safe for the environment.

Powder Coated

All our clip-on style wheel weights have a premium powder coating finish resistant to chipping and scratching. Our coating also helps prevent damage and corrosion to the rims finish. Our coating meets OE corrosion standards.

Easy Fitment

Using our rim gage color coded system, finding the proper weight is a breeze. Just determine which tab matches the contour and find its’ corresponding color in our storage bin.

Convenient Storage System

Along with our rim gage Coyote offers color coded storage bins to conveniently store and locate your weights. We offer two storage options, a small table top rack for the most essential sizes or a floor standing rack for a more comprehensive stock.

AW Series Wheel Weight AW series wheel weights are used for most modern domestic cars with alloy rims.   MC series wheel weights are used on domestic cars and light trucks with alloy rims. MC Series Wheel Weight
P Series Wheel Weight P series wheel weights are used for standard steel rims.   EN series wheel weights are used on Audi, Mercedes and some early Japanese vehicles with alloy rims. EN Series Wheel Weight
FN Series Wheel Weights FN series wheel weights are used for most Japanese vehicles with alloy rims.   IAW series wheel weights work on most European vehicles and some Asian vehicles with alloy rims.
TN series clip-on wheel weights are designed for use with domestic light/medium duty trucks. These weights work with steel and alloy rims which have a larger flange.   LH series wheel weights are designed for modern Chrysler vehicles. LH Series Wheel Weight
Clip-On Wheel Weights

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