1 Pc 12mm 1.25 12x1.25 Thread Truck 1.90" Long Spline Lug Nuts Black Chrome Truck Spline Fits Nissan Titan (Non XD)

❌ These Lug nuts are designed for AFTERMARKET wheels only. This lug may be the correct thread for your vehicle in many cases the lug seat is not large enough to create enough clamping force to safely clamp the OE wheel to your vehicle.

12mm 1.25 12x1.25 Thread | 1.90"Long | Truck Spline | 60 Degree Conical Seat | Truck | Black Chrome Finish | 2 Pc Construction | 1 Pc |

Designed in the USA. Our 1.90" Truck Spline Lug Nuts are typically used on pickup truck applications, where the OE studs are long and require a longer lug nut.

Cold forged carbon steel. High quality precise threads. Built to SAE Standards.

Always use SHOP BY VEHICLE to validate product fitment to your vehicle.

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Seat Construction

Seat is designed to ensure even distribution of the clamp Force. Seats are checked during the manufacturing process for correct angle and concentricity during and after the manufacturing process.

Precision Threads

Provides better thread engagement that withstands the rigors of daily on-the-road driving. Threads are checked during the manufacturing process and final inspection using Go/No Go gauges to ensure proper thread engagement

Material & Finish

During the manufacturing processes, goods are tested and inspected during each phase of the process. Finished goods are then subjected to a final inspection by our quality inspection team checking measurements, threads, finish, overall appearance, and packaging. Applied finishes are subjected to standard 48 Hour Salt Spray Test to ensure a lasting brilliant finish.


More Information
Vehicle TypeTruck
Vehicle ThreadM12x1.25
ShankConical Seat
MaterialCarbon Steel
Style6 Spline
Inner Pack60