Lug Pack - Bulge Acorn (3/4) - 7/16 (5 Lug)(Lugs Only)(1 PC)

Lug Pack - Bulge Acorn (3/4) - 7/16 (5 Lug)(Lugs Only)(1 PC)
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Height: 35mm (1.38")

Width: 23mm (0.90")

Hex:  7/8



7/16" UNF


Acorn / Conical


20 Pieces




 Precision Threads

  • Provides better thread engagement that withstands the rigors of daily on-the-road driving.

  • Threads are checked during the manufacturing process and final inspection using Go/No Go Gauges to ensure proper thread engagement.

Seat Construction

  • Seat is designed to match the factory lug nuts design to ensure even distribution of the clamp Force.

  • Seats are checked during the manufacturing process for correct angle and concentricity during and after the manufacturing process.


Product Features

  • Durable Steel Construction - Our lug nuts are made from high tensile steel for reliability and strength that meet and/or exceed factory load standards. Most common factory lug nuts incorporate a sheet metal cap that will swell from removal and installation.   Swelling will prevent engagement with a socket used for removal and installation making them difficult to remove and/or install. Our lug nuts are designed for greater reliability and will not swell from removal and installation.

  • Material & Finish – During the manufacturing processes, goods are tested and inspected during each phase of the process. Finished goods are then subjected to a final inspection by our quality inspection team checking measurements, threads, finish, overall appearance, and packaging.  Applied finishes are subjected to standard 48 Hour Salt Spray Test to ensure a lasting brilliant finish.


More Information
Lug Nut
Vehicle Type Car
Hex 19mm (3/4") Hex
Vehicle Thread 7/16 UNF
Length 1.38"
Shank Conical Seat
Material Carbon Steel
Style Bulge Acorn
Finish Chrome
Packaging 5 Lug Kit
EA 1
Case 8
Pallet 504