20 pcs blue spline spike lug nuts 1/2" thread 3.35 Inch Tall Bulge Acorn seat with 1 socket key replacement Fits Mustang

  • ❌Aftermarket Lug Nuts for AFTERMARKET WHEELS, NOT OEM replacements*
  • Please verify fitment prior to purchasing as the product sizing might be different than the Lugs you already have-compare dimensions against your own.
  • Set of 20 1/2" Spline drive spike Lugs Bulge Acorn seat
  • 3.35" (58mm) Tall and 0.79" (20mm) seat width at widest point
  • Special socket key included in every set.
  • Bulge Acorn lug nuts provide more seating surface area than a standard acorn lug nut and are commonly used for aluminum wheels without a steel insert.
  • Our lug nuts are through-hardened, and 12.9 grade heat treated to reach the depth of hardness needed for advanced security and reliable strength.
  • Manufactured with high quality cold forged steel
  • ❌ Do not use a power wrench/ impact wrench/ pneumatic wrench
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20 pcs blue spline spike lug nuts 1/2" thread 3.35 Inch Tall Bulge Acorn seat with 1 socket key replacement Fits Mustang is available to buy in increments of 1

Colors Available:






Height: 3.35"

Width: 0.09"



Triple Hex Socket:



19mm (3.4")



 Precision Threads

  • Provides better thread engagement that withstands the rigors of daily on-the-road driving.

  • Threads are checked during the manufacturing process and final inspection using Go/No Go Gauges to ensure proper thread engagement.

Seat Construction

  • Seat is designed to ensure even distribution of the clamp Force.

  • Seats are checked during the manufacturing process for correct angle and concentricity during and after the manufacturing process.

Product Features

  • Durable Steel Construction - Our lug nuts are made from high tensile steel for reliability and strength that meet and/or exceed factory load standards. 

  • Material & Finish – During the manufacturing processes, goods are tested and inspected during each phase of the process. Finished goods are then subjected to a final inspection by our quality inspection team checking measurements, threads, finish, overall appearance, and packaging.  Applied finishes are subjected to standard 48 Hour Salt Spray Test to ensure a lasting brilliant finish.

More Information
Vehicle TypeCar
Vehicle Thread1/2 UNF
ShankConical Seat
MaterialCarbon Steel
Packaging5 Lug Kit